Turkish language on-line course

ke 18.8.–8.12. klo 19–20.30

Opettaja: Polina Turkmen

Hinta: 269 e, S-Etukortilla: 224 e

Turkish language on-line course
(16 x 2 ot)

Course description: This course is introducing students to the general phonetic and grammatic systems of Turkish language and provides survival language skills, such as directions, travelling information, shopping, interaction in the restaurant and at the doctors. The course also contains information about Turkish traditions and popular culture (from romantic Tv-series to rock musicians and urban legends). 

By the end of the course, students will be able to; respond to simple questions about personal information, professions, and habits, use the traditional etiquette

  • check in a hotel, rent a flat
  • ask for directions 
  • interact in different sorts of restaurants
  • interact in a shop or a bazaar 
  • start easy conversations


Materials: pdf booklet designed by teacher (no class on Oct. 20)




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