Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

ma 2.5.-6.6. klo 17.00–18.30
Säästöpankinranta 6 C, Hakaniemi

Opettaja: Yiouli Spanoude

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Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners
(6 x 2 ot)




Introducing the Traditional Ashtanga Method 1 

Suitable for: Anyone regardless of age, gender, physical condition. All age groups are welcomed! 

Requirements: Willingness to learn, No previous experience in Ashtanga Yoga.

Teaching Style: Adapted to everyone’s needs, Vocal and hands on adjustment assisting, Individual instructions, Weekly Progressive Teaching  

Following a teaching method that honours the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga (astangajooga), this course aims to guide you through the foundational asanas (postures) of the Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga (Yoga Chikitsa). This beginner’s course aims to introduce to the Ashtanga Method from a physical but also philosophical perspective. 

Each week we aim to take a thorough view of the set of postures included in the 1st series of the practice starting from the very basic movements, following the Standing Sequence of postures and finally the Finishing Sequence of the practice. 

However, in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga aspects like the breath and body locks are of great interest and these elements will be introduced in this course. Understanding the importance of these elements early in our practice is fundamental and thus we will try to develop a practice where these aspects are a part of it. 

After completing our 10-week course each of the student will develop a clear view of what Ashtanga Yoga is, a respected self-practice, as well as the skills to participate in guided Ashtanga classes, more advanced courses, or slowly move into Mysore* classes. 

Our greatest aim is to find joy in the learning through this method that will eventually lead to self-awareness, mind and sensory control and a vast of other therapeutic benefits.

(Note: in case of any health issues please inform the teacher in advance to discuss the approach in further details. Also, if having hands on adjustment assisting is not preferred, please inform the teacher in advance)


Yiouli (Iouliani) Spanoude

 I am originally from Cyprus and I have recently moved to Helsinki to continue my studies in the Ashtanga Yoga method. Though I daily miss the sun back in my home country, I decided to follow my path in yoga as I search for a meaning of life and my dharma(purpose) by continue to grow through my daily practice and learnings in one of the biggest yoga Ashtanga Shalas in Europe located here in Helsinki. I am very thankful to my teachers Marke Murtomaki and Petri Raisanen who share this knowledge with me so that it can passed to all of us.

I took the first step of completing a 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa training in Goa India but little did I know that, that was just the start of a long, challenging and demanding path. Being practicing the Ashtanga method daily for the last 3 years under the guidance of authorised teachers has taught me that the only difficulty we have to face is our own self and continue to try and let go of unhealthy patterns through asana (postural) practice. Deeper personal growth requires consistent work and honesty towards other but most importantly towards ourselves. Repeating asanas and committing to learn this ancient method is the only way I see of going into a deeper level of awareness and being offered a wholesome lifestyle in peace and happiness.

 I am a dedicated student of the traditional method of Ashtanga and this is what I daily study and aim to bring out through my teachings as well. My focus on the individualism and daily needs of each student is my priority, creating a safe and nurturing space for all. Thus, I enjoy offering guidance and hands on adjustments techniques that will offer some help and enable each student to gain access in deeper layers of the body.  Experience is my main source of learning and thus I guide my students to give time for the practice and its benefits to be revealed in order to maintain a lifelong practice.

Currently I am also studying mindfulness techniques that can be incorporated in the practice without changing the method but rather enhancing our mental approach towards it.

Daily practice and guidance is fundamental for me towards getting better in various aspects, physically, emotionally and psychologically with only one variable always constant, the Practice. Self-study, the theory of the practice and continues education are as important as the physical.

My daily reminder of being a student myself is what gives me the honour, strength and experience to guide my students through a rather physical demanding practice. Yes, it requires strength, flexibility, endurance and muscle awareness but these are not the most important aspects of it. Above all, it requires kindness towards ourselves on a daily basis, eagerness to learn, patience to give the time needed to each posture to develop and a joyful heart to enjoy the physical practice. All these will eventually have just one outcome. A calm mind.

I am thankful to be able to guide all levels of students from the very early steps until a full development of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga and share my little knowledge and wisdom with them all. 

As I continue to learn every day, is my promise to share these learnings with all of the practitioners and learn from them as well. I hope my practice will always bring out all my compassionate self as a teacher.

Above all, I daily remind myself this is a breath working practice after all.

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